Greetings Tri-M,
My name is Michelle Ewer, and I am your Colorado Tri-M Music Honor Society Chair, as well as a member of the National Advisory Board. I love Tri-M and believe it serves a purpose for our students. It is through Tri-M that many students find their voice and enjoy sharing their passion with others who feel the same way.

Tri-M Day 2023 is already in progress. I hope you will save the date January 25th and bring your students to the Broadmoor Hotel for a day of leadership, learning and friendship. There will be sessions including composition, wellness, college applications, jazz improvisation, choral sight singing, Hip Hop, brass breathing, fine arts fiesta, and how to deal with others. This is just a sample of what you will experience on January 25th. Students who attend Tri-M day may attend the remaining days of the convention for free.

Tri-M Day Updates:

  1. Registration closes January 16th – Make sure you are paid and signed up for sessions by this deadline
  2. Tri-M day will end with a performance including Band, Orchestra and Choir. Plan on staying until 4:00. Music will be sent to schools as they register.

Click here for the Tri-M Day Conference Registration form

Click here for the Teacher One Day Registration Form
Click here for the Tri-M Day 2023 Schedule and Workshop Descriptions

Tri-M Music Honor Society offers students, grades 6 through 12, an opportunity to perform, serve the community as well as places them in leadership positions. It helps to bring a music department together and operate as one. Tri-M looks different in every school. Feel free to click on the links below to answer questions that you may have:

Michelle Ewer
Colorado Tri-M Chair