CMEA Elections

Colorado Music Educators Association
Election Commission Report 2023

The following CMEA Board of Directors met at 2pm on January 25, 2023 prior to the CMEA Conference to finalize and certify the election of the Chair-Elects for each Council, as well as the District Representatives for Districts 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Kalinda Theobold – General Music Council Chair-Elect
Alyssa Miller – Vocal Music Council Chair-Elect
Tim Libby – Instrumental Music Council Chair-Elect
Martina Miranda – College/University Council Chair-Elect
Casey Cropp – CMEA President-Elect

Information obtained from the EZ-Vote on-line platform was shared, including the voting tallies for each candidate and the overall results. There was one race that had resulted in a tie that needed to be broken. As per CMEA By-Laws, this group of members of the Board of Directors are tasked with breaking any ties that are the result of our general elections.

After several minutes of discussion, a vote was taken and a tie was resolved.

The following are the certified election results for the 2023 CMEA Board Elections:
Paul Maley – General Music Council
Chuck Stephen – Instrumental Music Council
Bryan Kettlewell – Vocal Music Council

Odd Numbered District Representatives for each council
Dallas Merrihew – District 1 General
Darren Delaup – District 1 Instrumental
Shannon Schell – District 1 Vocal
Chelsea Pennock – District 3 General
Loni Obluda – District 3 Instrumental
Kris Pierce – District 3 Vocal
Jenny Hall – District 5 General
Thomas Chapman – District 5 Instrumental
Anna Saks – District 5 Vocal
Nicholas Brenholz – District 7 General
Andrew Bruington – District 7 Instrumental
Marla Sitton – District 7 Vocal

Respectfully submitted on 2/21/2023
Casey Cropp – CMEA President-Elect

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