Instrumental Music Council

Greetings Everyone,

My name is Craig Westwood and I am your new Instrumental Music Chair. It has been my honor to work with Casey Cropp over the past two years as Chair Elect, and I am looking forward to serving on the board for the next two years. I am excited to introduce Peter Toews as the new Chair Elect. Peter has served as District 3 representative for the past few years and brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the council. It is an honor to be working with Pete!

I would also like to introduce our newly elected council members:

District 1 Representative  –  Nick Hinman
District 3 Representative  –  Loni Obluda
District 5 Representative  –  Tom Chapman
District 7 Representative  –  Isaac Lavadie

Peter and I would not be able to accomplish the tasks ahead without their support and hard work.

During my two years as council chair, I will work hard to continue the excellent work of my predecessors. Instrumental music is thriving in many areas of our state; at the same time, others are struggling to keep their programs alive. My hope is that the instrumental council can support you and your program regardless of where you currently fall on that spectrum. Please reach out to me with your ideas, concerns and celebrations. Our association has such a wealth of knowledge and expertise within our membership. It is my honor and privilege to serve.