General Music Council

Welcome to the General Music Council page for CMEA! Our goal is to collaborate with YOU as general music educators to share best practices, lessons, ideas, local workshops and opportunities to learn and grow together. Our CMEA conference is made best with insights and sessions from our community members like you.

Our CMEA General Music Council members represent you so please reach out to your district representative if you have questions, comments, insights or a desire to run for the CMEA GMC.
Chair – Cathy Keller
Chair-Elect – Kalinda Theobold
District 1 – TBD (Please contact Cathy Keller, chair, if interested in representing your district!)
District 2 – Anna Robinson
District 3 – Paul Maley
District 4 – Julie Kuhlman
District 5 – Kristina Kafka
District 6 – Heath Ellis
District 7 – Nicholas Brenholtz
District 8 – Keith Bushman
CEASC Chair – Jenny Stream

As we begin planning for another conference, I want to personally encourage you to submit a proposal for a session to be presented at the conference. Maybe you have been “on the fence” in the past about submitting a proposal because you’re nervous or maybe even fearful of rejection or not living up to an unspoken standard. We hope and want you to submit a proposal! I spoke with so many of you at CMEA about your desire to submit, and also your hesitation. We learn best from each other through each other’s background knowledge and experiences. What you have to share is invaluable and we truly desire your partnership!!! Here are some ideas that many of you shared you’d like to hear:

  • General Music in the Secondary Level (Middle and/or High school)
  • Modern Band, Ukulele Sessions
  • Recorders in the classroom
  • Boomwhackers in the general music classroom
  • Orff instrumentation, implementation
  • Elementary Choral Resources

Please also visit the information webpage regarding performance submissions! We welcome any and all types of performing ensembles as well as informances to support furthering our teaching practices with each other.

Please do not hesitate to reach out at