Collegiate NAfME

About CoNAfME:
CoNAfME (Colorado National Association of Music Education) works with CMEA (Colorado Music Education Association) to provide opportunities to music education students and help shape the future of the music education field. Our mission is to help with the process of choosing clients for CMEA that would benefit college-age students towards their path of professional development. This year CoNAfME is expanding on the conducting workshop we provided last year. CoNAfME chooses several clients that provide insight into social issues going on today, and how to provide help through music classes.

President: Gavin Milburn (CSU- Fort Collins)
President-elect: Anoushka Divekar (CU Boulder)
Instrumental Council Collegiate Representative: Eva Aneshansley (CU Boulder)
Vocal Council Collegiate Representative: Maise Phillips (CSU Fort Collins)
General Music Council Collegiate Representative: Katie Knutson (CSU Fort Collins)

Colorado Active Collegiate Chapter Presidents:
Hannah Harm (CU Boulder)
Caitlyn Martinac (Fort Lewis College)
Connor Thomas (CSU Pueblo)
Kelci Hartz (CSU Fort Collins)
Megan Medendorp (Colorado Christian University)
Chelsea Todd (Adams State University)