College and University Council

Greetings to all CMEA colleagues!

The changes underway at CMEA are very exciting. As you can see by this new website, there is a renewed commitment to reaching out to our membership in ways that match our personal and professional lifestyle. This is only one indication of the dynamic leadership being provided by our officers and board. We at the College/University Council are excited as well about our lineup for the upcoming Clinic/Conference and wish to leverage the excitement of our new Friday evening Conducting Workshop. We are committed to bringing events and content that is immediately relevant to our profession and to the university students who will be joining the profession soon. I encourage all current members to spread the word about the exciting changes within CMEA. You may have colleagues who have not attended the Clinic/Conference in a number of years – they need to know about the vibrant changes underway and the commitment to directly serving the needs of our membership. The C/U Council is committed to involving the CNAfME student leadership in more ways and providing content that is directly applicable to their current and future development. There has been much conversation in higher education as to what is relevant to future music education careers. We feel driven to be part of that discussion, finding ways to look towards the future in our support of our profession.

I will be excited to see you all in Colorado Springs this January. Have a great start to your year!!

Sean Flanigan – Chair