2023 Colorado Music Educators’ Association
Clinic/Conference January 25-28, 2023

We are excited to launch another outstanding conference at the Broadmoor Hotel in 2023. We are pleased to return to a complete schedule of performing groups and clinics. We will be in our second conference using the new Bartolin Exhibit Hall and will continue the successes and adjust to the “lessons learned”. It is a treasure to have such a dedicated space for our CMEA Exhibit Hall.

The information below is for exhibitors who have already registered and plan to show at the 2023 conference. If you are an exhibitor that has not registered, the registration links have expired and you will need to contact Rick Shaw, CMEA Exhibit Chair directly.

A reminder of Set-up and Tear-out times are below. If you are planning on Wednesday, you will not be allowed in prior to the 1:00 opening and must be out by 5:00. Doors will be locked at that time.

Set-up and Teardown Hours:
Wednesday 1:00 to 5:00
Thursday 7:00 AM to noon – Doors open at 12:00 sharp
Friday – No teardown allowed on this day.
Saturday – Teardown can begin at 12:05 and must be complete by 2:00

Exhibit Hours:
Thursday, January 26th 12:00 – 6:30 with the exhibit reception at 5:00
Friday, January 27th 9:00 – 5:00
Saturday, January 28th 9:00 – 12:00

The CMEA Board of Directors is planning for a full in-person conference without any health restrictions at this time. This information could change leading up to the conference and you will be notified if this takes place.

All CMEA spectators, participants, volunteers and anyone else in attendance are reminded that if they have any symptoms of an illness or are not feeling well, they are asked not to attend. Additionally, if you have been exposed, are symptomatic, or test positive you are asked not to attend. Additionally, should any of the above become symptomatic, ill, or test positive while at the conference, you are asked to cease any and all participation.

It is possible that exhibitors will be shipping cartons of materials and/or display items to the Broadmoor. All of this will be handled through FedEx. Please follow the provided shipping directions very carefully as well as the schedule of fees related to storage. If you exceed the free storage window it can become very expensive very quickly. It is your responsibility to arrange for all shipping and delivery. Contact Rick Shaw for the appropriate FedEx form.

Exhibitors will enter the loading docks for the new hall via First Street (street in front of the Golden Bee) and follow directly into the dock area. Gates may be in the open position during load in/out hours. If not, the daily parking rate will apply. There is plenty of parking in this new area so once you unload and clear the dock area, it is not as critical that you reposition your vehicle to the parking garage as in the past. This is not long term parking. Once the gates are closed, you will not have access to this area.

CMEA allocates an 8’ x 8’ footprint (64 Sq Ft) for each exhibit space purchased to be used as you determine. Tables that have been reserved and paid for are three foot by six foot and will include a floor length black table cloth.

With your booth registration, your company/organization will receive ONE BADGE PER EACH PURCHASED EXHIBIT SPACE UP TO FIVE PURCHASED SPACES. Additional badges may be purchased for $75 each and not to exceed a total of three additional badges. All badges must have a name associated with the badge. Badges cannot simply state “faculty or staff”.

CMEA encourages the responsible use of badges; badge transference, badge swapping and attendance in the exhibit area without a proper badge is prohibited.

Attendees that are serving under a pre-K-12 teaching contract, teaching on the faculty of a College or University, OR a college/university student enrolled in a teacher education program must be registered for the conference and may not attend the conference exclusively as a vendor representative.

Names for badges were submitted as part of the registration process. These names will be cross-referenced with membership and teacher certification information before being issued. Any names matching the criteria above in red will not receive a badge until registered for the conference.

All badges are the property of CMEA and must be surrendered upon demand by an official representative of CMEA should there be any violation of any CMEA exhibit policies.

Each table that is purchased comes with a black table cloth and each booth is provided with two chairs.

Electrical is provided at an additional cost. Electrical service is coordinated and paid for directly through the Broadmoor. Complete and return the Electrical Service Form and submit to the events center at the hotel. All instructions are on the form itself.

The exhibit hall is a space with concrete floors. No carpet is provided or available for rent. Exhibitors are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own flooring and/or area rugs for comfort.

Liability Statement
The exhibitor expressly assumes all responsibility, liability and risk associated with, resulting from and/or arising in connection with the exhibitor’s participation of presence at the CMEA Conference.

CMEA, its officers and members, are not responsible for any acts or representations of Exhibitors or their representatives, nor for Broadmoor Hotel or its representatives.

CMEA shall have full power to interpret, amend and enforce all rules and regulations of this agreement. All decisions are binding on the exhibitor. In the event that any provision of this agreement becomes invalid, this agreement shall continue in full force without said provision.

Acknowledgement of the Limited Liability Policy will be required as part of the online registration process.

Again, thank you for being such a vital part of our conference!

Rick Shaw, Exhibit Chairman