Clinic/Conference Performing Group

CMEA is now accepting applications for Honor Performing Groups at the 2025 Conference.  Elementary Choirs, Elementary Ensembles, all levels of Instrumental and Vocal Performing Groups, Non-traditional Ensembles, Modern Bands, Mariachi, and Community Groups are all invited to apply to perform.

  • In preparation for completing this form, please have the following files ready to upload:
  • a quality recording of the ensemble’s performance (mp3 is preferred)
  • a PDF/scanned copy of each score performed on each recording with all and any identifying school/director information removed. (PDF/scans of scores will be held securely and used only in the evaluation/listening process. Scores submitted will be deleted upon completion of performance group selections.)
  • a PDF/scan of the Principal Signature Page for K-12 Music Groups that can be downloaded from the link within the Google form.

You can access the link for applications at: